Flutter Jig Chrome

Price: £5.99

Flutter Jigs and similar to Speed Jigs but can be worked as a conventional pirk as well. Available in two sizes 7oz (196g) and 9oz (252g), they are manufactured with a "Through Wire", that is one wire that runs from one end to the other, a loop at each end for split rings. This make the Jig very strong with no fear of the loop pulling for either end making them 100% reliable.

They are tapered and bevelled with gives them a `fluttering` action when jigged making them irresistable to predators such as Cod, Bass, Coalfish, Pollack etc.

They are fitted with super strong stainless steel split rings (160lb.b.s) and 5X Mustad 3/0 and 4/0 trebles with a Stainless Steel Swivels at the top (350lb) making these true big fish jigs.

Each Jig comes with a large 3D eye adding yet more attraction to these lures.


Ideal for inshore reefs around the UK hunting Bass, Pollack and Cod (if there are any left).

It can be used as a conventional pirk with a treble at the bottom, as a Speed Jig with an assist hook at the top or as they rig them in Norway, a Gummi Mac at the bottom for added attraction BUT using a single hook.