Flat Pear Gripper - 70g pack of 5

Price: £3.60

These Flat Pear Leads are made very compact, thicker than other Flat Pear Leads making them smaller and harder for fish to move undetected. Each size has a series of dimples on the face which will help them hold position when a fish picks up your boilie / hook bait as assist in setting the hook making the fish bolt as it feels the point.

Available in four sizes and finished in Camo 4 coating as standard. Custom colours and finishes available to order.

Sizes available are 70g (2.5oz), 80g (2.85oz), 90g (3.2oz), 110g (3.9oz) and sold in packs of 5.

Excellent Barbel leads for rivers like the Thames where flow in not super fast.


Additional images show a close up of the finish, different sizes and the thickness of the leads. All manufactured with Big Eye swivels that will fit any lead clip on the market.

Please be aware, postage cannot be calculated for lead orders by the website. If a short fall in postage occurs we will send you a paypal money request for the difference outstanding. As a guide, up to2 kilos of leads costs £2.95 via royal mail.