Fish Yan Mould - 12oz

Price: £25.00

This is a great mould to work with and it produces excellent pirks very quickly.

  • Solid wire going straight through the pirk makes a very strong pirk

  • Well finished cavities provides a smooth surface to apply holographic tape

  • Pre Cut Holo Tape Shapes available at great price + long Straight Through wires in packs of 10 or 50

  • Mould supplied with 10 wires and one pack of Pre Cut Holo Shapes


  • Also available in 16oz, see options

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When making pirks with this mould, fill the mould a couple of times without putting the centre wire in the mould.  TAKE GREAT CARE as lead will come out of each end when pouring but lead to harden and warm the mould for a few minutes. 

  • After say five minutes, put in your centre wire and pour the lead.

  • When you take the pirk out, cool in cold water for a few minutes

  • Clip off the sprue and trip off any flashing.  I bought a' Deburring Tool ' to clean off the flashing on all my pirks and it makes the process a quick and easy process.

  • Hang your pirks up on wire hooks and spray them with a couple of coats of White Metal Primer, when dry spray a couple of coats of Chrome Silver Spray (from cars spares shop).  Lead over night to harden.

  • Now using fine Wet and Dry paper, gently sand down the area where the Holo Tape will be stuck on. 

  • Clean the area with white spirt and DO NOT TOUCH THIS AREA AGAIN WITH YOUR BARE HANDS / FINGERS.

  • Now apply you Holo Tape and rub hard with a cloth to ensure it is completely stuck down and remove any finger prints and hang on a hook again.

  • Spray all over with Car Laquer, a couple of coats and you whill end up with stunning pirks that will catch lots of fish.