Feature Finder Leads 3oz - pack of two

Price: £3.80

Our New Feature Finder Leads have semi sharp, crisp points that will transmit the feeling of the lake be up through the long tail wire and up your line. 

Each one is fitted with a 220lb b.s. stainless steel swivel that will never rust. Each lead weighs 3oz and they are sold in a pack of two.

Shortly these leads will be available in 2oz, 4oz, 5oz and 6oz. We will also be offering them powder coated in our NEW Camo 4 matt finish coating powder and also (to order) Lumi Coated in bright colours so you will not loose them on the bank. If you do misplace them, as it gets dark they will glow and show you where you put them. 


Sold in pack of two, postage will be £2.95 (website will not calculate this) for 2nd class postage as they will not go through the post office guide board. You can 9 packs of these leads and still only pay £2.95 or mix them with other leads for the same price as long as total weight is less than 2 kilos.