Dumpy Square Pear 4.5oz NEW - pack of 5

Price: £4.55

Here are our NEW Dumpy Square Pear leads available in sizes from 1.1oz up to and including 5oz. We now manufactures these leads using moulds which have been CNC milled, every lead is identical, every loop is in exactly the same position as there is a captive cavity in the moulds to hold the loops in exactly the same place every time a lead is poured and the shape of every lead is exactly the same, perfect corners, no flashing, no mishapes, no lumps, every lead is perfect, as perfect as the major brand names costing twice as much as these perfect leads.

We use Matt Black Lead Loops and Matt Black Big Eye swivels on all our leads and we also coat them with our own exclusive Matt finish Camo 4 Coating Powder. The additional expense of having moulds produced via CNC milling has made a massive difference to the quality of the leads produced, they truly are stunning. We coat the leads using a fluid bed which applies a thin but perfect coat on each lead producing a beautifully camoflagued lead to use in the most difficult waters out there.

We also offer our Compo Coating on these New Dumpy Square Pear Carp Leads but these are now listed separately to avoid any confusion when ordering.

Sold in packs of 5, you are purchasing 5 x 4.5oz New Dumpy Square Pears


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