Dumpy Pear Compo Coated - pack of 5 x 2.5oz

Price: £3.95

We have produced a Compo Coating which is a totally natural product and as you can clearly see from the picture looks like dead weed. Unlike others that produce this finish ours does not come off, the lead remains coated fully and blends in with the lake bead beautifully.

All of our leads are Top Quality unlike alternatives available else where our leads are comparable with the top brands but are a fraction of the cost. Manufactured with a matt black lead loop and matt black big eye swivel.

Please see Terms and Conditions. Postage cost may vary from price quoted by website as it cannot calculate weight. Typical cost however for up to 2 kilos is £3.00 on a two / three day 2nd class delivery service via Royal Mail. Over 2 kilos will be sent via two packs with royal mail, over that we use UPS, £7.60 up to 10 kilos


These leads are coated with our own Compo Coating (other call these Dung Coated Leads ).Each lead is manufactured with matt black lead loop and matt black big eye swivels. 

Every lead is perfectly coated with the swivel moving freely on the loop and not stuck to the loop by poor quality coating.