Double Pyramid Leads 84g - plain lead short tail pack of 5

Price: £3.50

These Double Pyramid Leads cast extremely well and also grip the sand well but allow you to move the lead and reposition without winding in and resetting grip wires. Ideal for Bass fishing in the surf and also for flat fish.

These are the long tail version, short tail available very soon, and will also have short tail with bait clip for distance casting.

We will also have them available Lumi Coated in four different colours for added attraction. These I really do believe attract flatfish to your bait, I have tested them Sole fishing using a plain lead and a Lumi coated lead on two rods and the coated lead definately caught more Sole.

6oz leads due shortly, currently not available

Available in 3oz (84g), 4oz (112g), 5oz (140g), 6oz (168g) (weights are approximate, within a few grams). See options


Shipping cost for leads now is £3.00 for up to 2 kilos 2nd class Royal Mail, over 4 kilos costs £7.60 via UPS.