Do-it Molds

Do-it Molds, simply the best lead and lure making moulds in the world. If you compare moulds to cars, they are the Rolls Royce of moulds producing perfect leads, lures, jigs every single time (as long as the user keeps them clean) with minimal trimming, no flashing at all. All Do-it Molds have wooden handles and are hinged, they are simply a joy to use.

They do not come cheap but the best things in life are not cheap. You pay big bucks for the top of the range Diawa rod or reel, same with Shimano, Ziplex, ABU etc and when it comes to lead moulds, the Do-it range is up with the best.

Favoured by freshwater and sea anglers alike. For sea fishing, it is very much a summer lead used for general fishing when a grip lead is not required. Very popular with Carp anglers when Nylon coated.

For both freshwater and sea fishing. In the larger sizes, this mould is gaining popularity with boat anglers.


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The bass caster is very similar to the Bell sinker except it moulds a swivel into the lead instead of a wire loop. Extremely popular with Carp anglers when Nylon Coated.

The Bottom bouncer or Barrel lead mould is very popular with Salmon anglers who make their own Fly C lures and also for float fishing weights for sea and predator anglers.

Becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Used for Bass fishing, float fishing, wreck fishing. 

This mould is popular with Carp anglers. By enlarging the pull pin these leads will accept 3mm plastic tubing (available in accessories section) to produce inline carp leads. In larger sizes, make flat pears by using a short tail wires to create leads that lay flat on the sea bed.

The Pyrimid sinker is used on soft mud or sandy bottoms when sea fishing as it tends to bury itself and fix its postion. Used instead of a grip lead. 3165,3166,3167 all use a No.1 wire loop. 3168,3169,3369,3370 all use a No.2 wire loop.

Another sinker which appears to be gaining popularity as trolling becomes more widely used as a method of catching predatory fish. Swovels can be fitted to the wire loops prior to moulding the leads. The 12oz and 16oz moulds have been used to make ripping pirks as an alterative use. 3138 uses No.1 wire loop and size 7 crane swivel. 3139 uses No.1 wire loop and size 5 crane swivel. 3334 uses No.2 wire loop and size 5 crane swivel. 3140,3141,3142 use No.2 wire loop and size 3 crane swivel.

This is a small version of the inline trolling singer and has the crane swivels moulded into it.

, only Mustad 34184 8/0s can be used.

Chub Jig Mould

This jig has proved extremely successful here in the UK fishing for Chub and Perch on the river Thames. Dressed with either a small grub or tied with Buck tail and a little crystal flash to produce a highly effect little lure.

This is a jig for salt water fishing and as such all hooks are plated. Ball head jigs from 1/8th oz up to 6oz are produced from these moulds. Popular sizes for `Hopping` being 1oz to 3oz.

Another mould in the VMC Barbarian hook range. Head is reccessed to accept a 3D eye.

A streamlined jig slices through the strongest current. Barbed and ringed collar is perfect for rigging with soft plastics.

A favourite jig for wreck and deep water fishing. Has accounted for many large Cod in UK and Danish waters. Rig with soft plastic grubs for a brilliant lure. This pattern produces jigs from 1/8th up to a monster 20oz.

A triangular shad head designed to be fished with soft plastic lures.

Casting Spoons can be moulded from 1/4oz up to 6oz. By adding Holographic fishscale tape, you produce a great fish catching lure.

Fantastic lures for summer fishing. These moulds in the smaller sizes produce brilliant lures for Bass, Pollack and Mackerel. Mould, powder coat or paint, or chrome plate. Available soon holographic tape on sheet or pre cut shapes.

A really amazing lure this one. Good shore casting lures in the smaller sizes, brilliant Bass jigs in the larger sizes. Available in five sizes across two moulds.