Diamond Jig Pirk 350g - Bright Chrome

Price: £9.00

A 12oz (350g) Bright Chromed Diamond Jig for Cod and Halibut in Norway. The Diamond Jig has been used int he USA for years catching Ling Cod, Ling, Cod and Halibut. It has four flat side which flash when the pirk is jigged making them irresistable to Cod, Ling and Halibut in Norway. We used these pirks in Norway in 2017 to great effect catching both Halibut and Cod on them, matching the catches taken on the traditional Norwegien Pirks.

They come fitted with top quality components, Japanese Stainless Steel Split Rings, 230lb on the smaller pirks, 300lb b.s. on the 350g and larger. Each Diamond Jig has a 695lb b.s. stainless steel swivel at the top and at the bottom, depending on size they are fitted with 3/0 or 4/0 5X strong stainless steel trebles by Mustad or VMC and to special order Owner ST66 in 3/0, 4/0 or 5/0. If you require Owner trebles, please let me know.


The Diamond jigs are available in either Bright Chrome or Holographic Silver finish. Average depth of summer time fishing in Norway is around 40 meters so the choice is yours. Both are extremely attractive to target species but on a really sunny day the Holographic finish does it for me. 

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