Diamond Jig - Lumi Pink 8oz

Price: £7.99

They say that Diamonds are a girls best friend, well I can say with all confident that big female Halibut will love these !. Designed to flash when worked, they will spin in the current (which is why a quality 695lb swivel is on every pirk) when they are worked over the rough ground flashing with every light source available. 

Fitted with 4/0 Mustad 4X trebles, 1500lb stainless steel split rings and a 600lb b.s. stainless steel swivel.

For Big Norwegen Cod and Halibut, there is no better pirk / pilker on the market I believe.

Available in 170g, 225g, 280g,350g, 400g, 450g, 500g at this time. 

These Glow in the Dark Lumi pirks can be charged with artificial light, place on a table or work top in your cabin turning every hour or so and they will charge up. Take to a dark room and see the results. Halibut and Cod cannot resist them in Norway. Especially effect in deeper water.


Can also do Lumi Pink, Orange, Green and Blue in Anti Chip Lumi coating. We coat our Anti Twist leads in this coating and they have performed extremely well for Halibut in Norway.