DCA Grip Leads - pack of 5

Price: £4.00

The original grip leads designed by DCA for the grip wires to colapse then the angler strikes it out of the sea bed. Original grip wires were fixed and stay in place making it a bugger to wind them in until the lead came up off the bottom. This design made winding in a dream. Just as effective today as they were when the first came out at least fourty years ago. Available in 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 7oz. See options.

3oz = Black Roller, 4oz = Blue Roller, 5oz = Yellow Roller, 6oz = Red Roller, 7oz = Green Roller

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When we post these leads out to customers, they have the wires and rollers in place but they will require bending out prior to fishing. Simply using a pair of long nose pliers, place them 5mm above the plastic roller with the plastic roller tight to the bend in the wire then bend the wire outwards by approximately 60 degrees. Sending them this way cuts down dramatically on postage.

Shipping cost for leads now is £3.10 for up to 2 kilos 2nd class Royal Mail, over 4 kilos costs £7.80 via UPS.