Coned back Lead 1oz - pack of 10

Price: £8.00

Our new Coned Back Lead produced from a CNC mould. These leads are perfectly formed with no imperfections at all. The Line Clip is perfectly smooth with no sharp edges, they are manufactured in the UK.

Sold in packs of 10, your are buying 10 x 1oz Coned back Leads.


We can also offer these Back Leads in larger quanities, 25 pack and 50 pack, please email us should you require them in larger packs.

Prices : 1oz :  10 pack    £8.00

                     25 pack    £17.00

                     50 pack    £32.00


Prices : 1.5oz   10 pack £8.50

                       25 pack £18.50

                       50 pack £34.00