Halibut Anti Twist Rig 450g CHROME

Price: £14.50

This new CHROME Halibut Anti Twist Rig is designed for fishing for Halibut in Norway with a dead bait. There are six sizes of Norway Anti Tangle leads available, 250g, 300g,350g,450g, 600g and 750g. 

These Anti Twist Leads have been extremel BRIGHT CHROME Plated, an exclusive finish which is going to have amazing results.

The Halibut Anti Tangle Rigs are supplied fully assembled with 6ft of 150lb high quality supple mono, tied with a Domhoff knot (a knot that gets tighter the more it is pulled) to a 600lb b.s. swivel at one end and a 4/0 6x treble at the other (Mustad or VMC). Simply tie your main line to the swivel and you are ready to fish. Attach your Coalfish / Mackerel bait to the trebles  ensuring the top treble goes in through the top lip and out of the bottom lip ensuring the mouth stays closed and the second treble down the flank. (the rig can be double crimped if you prefer, just let me know your requirements

As of the 15th April 2018, the Chrome Anti Twist Rigs are available in 300g and 450g. By the end of April they will be available in 300g, 350g, 450g, 600g and 750g.

Very fast currents and deep water will not longer see the really huge halibut safely out of the reach of rod and line anglers. With the 600g and 750g Anti Twist Leads, you can get a bait down to the fish in the fastest currents.


If you look at the Water Wolf footage on You Tube of Halibut in Norway attacking the bait, you can clearly see the Halibut more often than not attacking the bait from the side and not from behind. Believe me, you realy want a strong hook hold when you hook a halibut, they fight so hard and the excitment levels go through the roof as the make off on run after run with your ratchet screeming, I can only discribe it as unbelieveable !!

Don`t get caught out with the wrong rigs, take it from me, you won`t regret it.

Be Aware, website cannot calculate postage cost for heavy leads / pirks etc. If these is a shortfall in postage paid when you order a money request will be sent for the additional postage that may be required.