Carp Swivels / Rig Components

This range of swivels are marketed by some of the very big names in the Carp fishing market at a considerably higher price than we sell them for. They are all top quality and 100% reliable and capable of landing the biggest Carp in the UK.  All finished in Matt Black.

Brown Lead Core leader material. Quality product at a greatly reduced price compared to the big name prices.

Lead Core Leader in a Camo finish.

Size 8 Rolling swivels. Fit all lead clips, top quality swivels at a really good price.

  • Sold in packs of 50

Pack of 10 top quality ring swivels size 8. Fit all lead clips, inline leads etc.

Pack of 10 Swivel Clips. For fast rig changing, safe and secure, cover with sleeve to avoid tangles.

Size 8 Big Eye swivels, lead clip compatable. Matt Black finish.

  • 50 pack only. Top quality swivels at a top quality price.

Fantastic item for hair rigging maggots for Carp, just tie one of these on the end of your hair prior to tying your knotless knot. Start with a rubber maggot, add six or eight live ones then finish with another rubber one, check to see it stands up off the bottom. Simple to use, quick, safe and extremely effective.

  • Available in large or small, see options. 

A mixed box of small and medium rig rings in both round and oval shapes. Matt black finish, top quality. Ideal for tying various rigs including D Rig.

  • 5 x small round, 5 x medium Round rings, 5 x small, 5 x large Oval rings

Green in colour, this braid is top quality and is highly recommended for those who have to watch the pennies. Available in 10lb, 15lb and 20lb, with 25m on a spool it is enough for almost an entire seasons fishing.

Buy the Braid, not the brand !

Easy to strip, 10m per spool. Available in 25lb, green in colour.

Another quality product at an amazing price. Available in 10lb, 15lb, 20lb with 25m per spool. Great knot strength.

A truly fantastic product for those who fish with meat, cheese and soft hook pellets. These coils are available in large and small and having used them for the last six months I can honestly say they are the buisness. No more lost meat, screw the coil into the meat and it hangs onto it no matter how hard you cast.  Ideal for Barbel, Carp, Chub and Tench.

Simply tie this onto your braided hook material, then tie your hook on with the knotless knot and your away.  Give them a try, you won\`t be disappointed. 

Four sizes, small, medium, large and extra large

Smart Blades

Sharp and reliable scissors for cutting braid cleanly.

A quality box containing basic rig components. The box has adjustable compartments, strong snap lock clips top keep it closed.


  • 20 x Green Tail Rubbers
  • 20 x Brown Tail Rubbers
  • 20 x Green Lead Clips
  • 20 x Brown Lead Clips
  • 40 x 6mm Rubber Beads Green + Brown (20 each colour)
  • 40 x 8mm Rubber Beads Green + Brown (20 each colour)
  • 4m x Brown + Green Rig Tube
  • 20 x Size 8 Rolling Swivels (lead clip compatable)
  • 20 x Run Rings and clips 
All the above for the princely sum of £14.99, now that's a bargin. Ideal for the kids and adults alike who are new to Carp Fishing and require quality basic products at a good price.