Carp Lead Making Components

Carp Lead Making Swivels finished in Matt Black size 8 standard (larger eye then the norm to accomodate all lead clips in use) and Big Eye Swivels (one large and one small eye), Stainless Steel Lead Loops, Blackened Stainless Steel Lead Loops finished in Matt Black and available in several different sizes.

Inline inserts, two sizes to cover all inline leads, Back Lead Clips, two types in various colour options.

Weed Effect lead finishing thread available in three colours.

Lead Coating powder in numerous colours including Camo 2, Camo 3, Camo 4 and Mottled Brown along with Silt and various gravel colours.

New on piece Inline lead inserts.


  • Great fit to inline moulds
  • Will accept all No.8 rig swivels
  • Sold in 100`s or 1000`s, see options 

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Chemically Blackened Brass lead loops for all Carp Lead making.  Available in 100 packs or 1000 packs, see options. There are two sizes of Blackened Brass Loops, small and standard. These are the standard ones. The small ones fit the Zip Lead Moulds best allowing the mould to fully close to minimalise flashing.

What ever mould you are using, whilst it is cold work a little Blue Tac into the lead loop slots. When heated it will eliminate flashing around the lead loop and more importantly ensure the lead loop does not move during pouring. It allows you to ensure that only a minimal amout of lead loop is showing on the finished lead.

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Available in packs of 100 or 1000, these Matt Black Swivels will fit all lead clips on the market perfectly.

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These were produced for making Carp Leads. Ideal for making all sizes of Zip Leads, Distance Leads etc. Narrow Stainless Steel loop that has been chemically blackened.


  •  Available in 100 or 1000 pack, see options 
  • In some cases these loops fit moulds better than recommended loops and reduce flashing

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NEW chemically blackened No.1 and No.2 Do-it Loops, a must for making Carp Leads.

These loops are also available in Stainless Steel in size 1,2 and 3.


  • Available in 100 or 1000 packs, see options 

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Weed Twine for making Carp leads that resemble a clump of weed, weed hook lengths etc. This stuff is great to use making camoflagued hook lengths, rig tube, lead core etc or for making leads resemble clumps of weed.

Supplied with full instructions for all uses.

Available in 10 metre or 90 metre spool, see options

Brilliant stuff for fishing clear water

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Strong and reliable, easy to use. Back lead always comes off if it gets snagged.


  • Sold in packs of 50 

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Extra Long Inline Lead Inserts for larger Inline Carp Leads.

  • Available in packs of 100, 500 or 1000, see options
  • These inserts are 65mm long
  • Two colours available, Balck and Green, select which colour in options

Green currently out of stock


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Back Lead S Clips give you the option to make any lead into a back lead. These clips are designed to not withstand much pressure so that the S clip dumps the back lead easily should it become snagged in weed.

Black in colour, 25 to a pack.

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Solid Welded Rings 6mm for making Heli Leads. Place on the loop instead of a swivels and pour you lead.

Sold in packs of 100

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