Cannon Ball Leads - pack of 5

Price: £5.74

Without doubt, the Cannon Ball Leads offer the least resistance to the current when drift fishing and when used in conjunction with braid mainline allows you to cut down the size of the lead used when Gilling for Cod, Pollack and Bass. For example, using mono on a given day would require a 10oz lead to get you into the catching area and holding your lure there without it drifting away. Using Braid and a Cannon Ball Lead would allow you to use an 8oz or possibly a 6oz Cannon Ball Lead and still remain in the catching zone. Put simply, Cannon Ball Leads help you maximise the sport of catch and fighting the fish and not a bloody great weight !

Available in 8oz,10oz,120z,16oz. More sizes to come shortly. Use Cannon Ball leads for Gilling over the wrecks and get away with using a lighter lead as there is less resistance to the current with a cannon ball due to the smaller surface area.

Scrap lead price is going through the roof, up 70% so far this year so price has increase slightly I am afraid.


Shipping cost for leads now is £3.10 for up to 2 kilos 2nd class Royal Mail, over 4 kilos costs £7.80 via UPS.