Camo Coated Barrel Leads - pack of 5

Price: £4.00

These Barrel Leads have been plastic coated in our Camo 4 colour. Used for weighting Pike and Zander Floats when fishing live baits or dead baits. The coating makes them blend in with the back ground and not stand out spooking the fish as they approach your bait.


Sold in packs of five and available in three sizes at present, see options. We also sell them in plain lead finish, these you will find in the Sea Lead Weight Section. Being plain lead they are cheaper and they do exactly the same job as the coated ones. 

They are also used for making Flying C lures, for those of you wishing to make heavier and the standard Flying C`s on the market, look no further.

For bulk packs of Barrel Leads, please contact us.