Booms and Boom Kits

Pack of 25 of these brilliant little booms. Ideal for lighter styles of fishing due to reduced current resistance due to the size.


  • Larger quantities on request. 

Pucka Zip Sliders and not the knock off crap version.


  • pack of 10 @ £4.05, pack of 25 @ £9.50 

Pack of 10 T-Arm Booms.

Pack of 4 Tube Booms for gilling over the wrecks / rough ground for Cod and Pollack in the spring and summer our at sea. Approximately 10" long and made from tough 3.8mm tubing they are cheap and reliable and help prevent tangles when drifting over the wreck. Use in conjunction with Sidewinder Sandeels, Redgill Sandeels etc.

Sold in packs of 4, pack of 10 and pack of 25.