Bomber Grip Lead - 5oz - pack of 5

Price: £6.00

The Bomber Grip lead is a new design in grip leads, more compact body, casts like a dream and each leads is almost spot on weight wise, the only one I found to be out was the 4oz and that came in at 3.9oz (109.2g instead of 112g) and that could have been down to the lead mix.

Each lead is manufactured with a short tail wire with a built in bait clip. The advantage of using this type of bait clip comes into it`s own when using a larger bait, Mackerel Fillet, Peeler Crab, large Worm and Squid bait. Some of the other leads on the market with a built in bait clip are not suitable for bulkier baits as they hang up in the bait clip and do not release leaving your with no chance of catching a fish. These clips ALWAYS release you hook and bait, large of small, they ALWAYS release the hook.

2oz and 8oz will follow on shortly


Shipping cost for leads now is £3.00 for up to 2 kilos 2nd class Royal Mail, over 4 kilos costs £7.60 via UPS.