Barrel Lead 5oz - pack of 2

Price: £4.75

These new Barrel Leads manufactured from CNC moulds are for using when float fishing for smaller species in Norway and also Halibut on lighter tackle. Theyn will also be of use to those who float fish for Bass and Pollack in the UK 

We have made Barrel Leads in 3oz (84g), 4oz (112g) and 5oz (140g) plus the bigger ones also listed on the site.

When setting up your tackle, put the Barrel Lead on the line first then always remember to put a bead between the Barrel Lead and the swivel on your hook length.

You are buying two x 5oz Barrel Leads (112g each)


Please see our terms concerning postage of lead products. 2 kilos cost £3.20 2nd class post, if you do not pay sufficient postage for your order we will send a money request for the difference and dispatch your order once paid.