Anti Twist Spare Traces TK15 J hooks - pack of 2

Price: £10.00

I was asked last year by one of the guests on a hosted trip if I could make him a single hook rig for his Anti Twist Lead as he did not want to use trebles for fear of injuring a Halibut. I immediately offered him a Circle Hook rig which he declined as he did not get on with Circle hooks having lost some good fish on them in the past.

In my hook box I had some Trokar TK15 hooks in 8/0 so I made him a rig using sais hook and gave it to him. Four Halibut later to 126cm long, he said he was delighted with the rig and it obviously worked well. He called this week and asked for six more rigs for both himself and a friend who are back out in Norway in June 2019 and reminded me about these rigs. And he was the second person in 2019 who contacted me telling me they were not confident fishing with Circle hooks so here are the rigs. Sold in a pack of two, they are not cheap rigs, but the hooks are approximately £3.30 each so not a bad price for a proffesionally made rig. Below is the make up of the rigs.


These rigs are approximately 1.5m long, made with top quality 150lb mono. On one end the Trokar TK15 8/0 hook and on the other a 695lb stainless steel swivel.

I use the Big Game knot on all my rigs and you will see every knot is a work of art. Hooks are attached via a loop / big game knot, this allows the hook to turn to the correct position. Once a fish is hooked this will slide down and lock in place but the loop results in many more hook ups.

Sold in a pack of two, these rigs and hooks will not let you down. It gives you the anglers another alternative to using trebles or Circle hooks.

Also available in the 10/0 option but a bit more expensive. Just look at the hooks and you will understand why they cost so much.