Anti Twist Rig Spare Trace - single and treble 7560

Price: £9.99

These rigs are made using VMC 7560 6X- 4/0 trebles  and Trokar TK8 single hook with welded eye - 8/0 Live Bait Hooks, in either case they are expensive top quality hooks and trebles and the very best does not come cheap. Which you catch a Halibut on an Anti Twist Rig, it pays to closely examine your trace as Halibut have sharp teeth and a 120cm plus Halibut can make a mess of your trace. If you find the trace is damaged just replace it and carry on fishing and you can re tie another leader in the cabin at night.

If you buy a couple of Anti Twist Rigs always take a spare trace with you. Your first Halibut in Norway may only be 130cm for but your second could be over 300cm, in Norway, dreams really do come true !


These traces are sold in a pack of two, they are made with a VMC 7560 6X -4/0 treble and a Trokar TK8 with welded eye live bait hook. We also make these rigs with two trebles and also with Circle Hooks, see further down the page. 

All rigs are tied using a Big Game Lure Knot (pictured below), 100% reliably and super strong.

Super strong, super sharp, I feel sorry for the Halibut !

All these rigs are tied by hand by myself and are made in England. I only use the very best materials / products, only use the very best tried and tested knots to ensure you land that fish of a lifetime once hooked. I will happily use any rig I produce on my own rod with total confidence it will land the biggest Halibut that swims.