Anti Twist Lead 200g unrigged

Price: £4.75

This mini version of the Anti Twist Leads have been made for trolling for Pike, Salmon, Ferox Trout, Bass etc. Fitted with 310lb b.s stainless steel swivels and 160lb b.s stainless steel split rings, you can rig it with your required hook arrangement and off you go. This one can be rigged for Halibut if you are fishing in an area with shallow water and not much current.

Available in Black immediately, it can be coated in numberous colours all of which will be Anti Chip.

Shortly available in 60g, 120g, 150g also, again designed for trolling detailed above.

Sold unrigged or fully rigged with super strong VMC treble and big game single hook. see options.


As with all lead orders, they may be subject to additional postage due to the weight, see Terms and Conditions