About Us

We Supply All Kinds of Fishing Gear.

DB Angling Supplies supplies fishing tackle for all your angling needsf from our base in Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne.  Whether you`re on the bank, beach or boat, DB Angling Supplies is your first port of call for all kinds of fishing tackle and accessories, fishing rods and poles, rests and pods, fishing line, fishing gear, lead weights, DIY lead moulds, and other fishing paraphernalia for all types of anglers in all kinds of fishing locations.  Get those fish queueing for a bite whether you`re coarse fishing, sea fishing, carp fishing, or fly fishing with good quality equipment at great prices, cheaper than in the shops.

Fishing Gear for All Situations

There`s no need to trawl for bargains, when you can buy all your rods, hooks, weights, nets and reels and all the other fishing gear you need in one place at a great price.   For coarse fishing enthusiasts, fly or deep-sea anglers, we can help you save yourself a fortune in general fishing gear.  DB Angling Supplies aims to get you the best in good quality fishing gear and whether your a deadly serious angler or a weekend/ holiday fisherman, bargain prices for your angling are always available here.

Fishing Accessories

Bait your hooks with some of the most exciting fishing products on the market, at a cheaper price.  Your tackle comes in plain packaging rather than the big Brand packaging - but you`ll see it`s the same quality - because it is sourced form the same place!

When it comes to items like Barbel lures, great quality swivels, meat coils, nuggets and grippers, watch leads and feeders, hair riggers and curlies will have the fish on the bank in no time.  

We don`t stop there; the most effective lures for zander, pike and perch jigging and pirking with including mingers and shads, pop up balls, punch and foam for dead bait are available.

Check out our stock pages for a great fishing experience that doesn`t break the bank.

Fishing Weights - Make Your Own

We all know how frustrating it can be when you lose expensive leads and lures whilst fishing.  However, you don`t have to buy replacements, you can save a great deal of money on otherwise costly fishing tackle by making your own fishing weights, from molten lead, yourself, using a few easily obtainable items such as a portable burner or gas cooker.

With a bit of care, following a few simple safety procedures (the melting point of lead is 327.5 °C) you will be making your own fishing weights and lures which will give you enormous satisfaction and could even turn into an absorbing hobby when you`re not out enjoying the fishing!

Buy Fishing Weights

If you haven`t time or don`t fancy making your own, we stock all kinds of fishing weight moulds, fishing weights, bombs, trolling leads, sinkers, fishing moulds, luminous bait stops - and more.