8oz Norway Pirk Mould Kit

Price: £25.00

Single Cavity mould producing pirks of 8oz. Great little mould, have made a few as you can see from the additional picture, I have made up a few for personal use and they come out great.

  • Supplied as a kit, mould + 10 straight connector inserts

  • Use the FISH YANN mould straight connectors for this mould



  • I cut the inserts to approx. 3" long and bend the cut end over at 90 degrees in a vice, approx. 5mm long. When moulding, place these in the mould with the bend facing downwards. The wires almost meet in the middle giving the pirk rigidity but do not stick out as far at each end of the pirk as using them as one piece inserts. Placing them in with the bend downwards ensures the wires are moulded into the middle of the pirk.

  • Pirks can be painted, powder coated or left as plain lead. If leaving as plain lead, give then a coat of clear car spray paint lacquer very soon after moulding, it keeps the lead shiney.

  • The eyes can be opened with pliers and swivel or treble can be inserted then close the eye again with a tap from a hammer eliminating the need for split rings.