8/0 Bronze O`Shaunessy - box of 25

Price: £3.50

Box of 25 x 8/0 bronze O`Shaunessy hooks. Top quality hooks but not at Mustad prices. You will not be disappointed with these hooks, I know as I have tried them myself this year catching Tope to 52lb on them with no problems at all.

Note: they do need sharpening with a file or sharpening stone but all of this type of hook are the same. That`s twenty five 8/0 O`shaunessys, half the price of Mustads.


As stated above, these are quality O`Shaunessy hooks, touch up the point with a Sharpening Stone of a fine cut file and you have a totally reliable hooks for Tope, Conger, Skate and Cod etc. but at a fraction of the price of major brands like Mustad and for those on a tight budget, you cannot go wrong.