750g Halibut Anti Twist Rig - Chrome

Price: £17.00

This Halibut Anti Twist Rig is designed for fishing for Halibut in Norway with a dead bait. There are three sizes of Norway Anti Tangle leads available, 250g, 300g,350g, 450g, 600g and 750g. 

These 600g Anti Twist Leads have been Chrome Plated to a very high standard / quality. We have manufactured these and the flash from the chrome in the clear water will really get the attention on any Halibut laying on the sea bed and get him / her sturred up and on the hunt. You only have to look at the number of Halibut caught on chrome pirks 

The 600g Anti Twist Lead will be used in very fast water or very deep water fishing for big Halibut. With this in mind we rig them with VMC - 6X strong trebles and Eagle Claw Trokar hooks, top quality hooks to accompany the other rigging components, 300lb Stainless Steel Split rings and 695lb Stainless Steel Swivels.

The rig is assembled with a super strong Big Game Knot which is ultra reliable.


Don`t get caught out with the wrong rigs, take it from me, you won`t regret it. The cheaper rigs on the market are not coated with Anti Chip Coating and as a result after a few hours of bumping the rocks the lumi powder coating has come off, no more lumi attraction. By paying a little more you get a rig that will be glow as brightly under water on the last day of your trip as it did when you first got it out of your tackle bag on the first day.

The website cannot calulate the correct postage for these big leads. When ordering, any shortfall will be dealt with by us send you a Paypal money request for any additional postage that maybe required as a result of ordering these big leads.