6" Paddle Tail Macky Shads - pack of 5

Price: £4.99

Pack of five 6" Macky Shads. These are un weighted holographic mackerel shads with a hot spot paddle tail.

  • Can be supplied rigged on a 7/0 - 21g Jig, see options

  • For Cod, Pollack and Bass

  • Sold in packs of five

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Rig on a Jig Head or a single hook, fish on a long flowing trace for best effect in salt water over the wrecks. Alternatively, we have had some great fun catching Pike on the Thames with these Paddle Tail Macky Shads rigged on a Barbarian 6/0 x 14g jig head in the summer. Fished along the weir wall, you can at times see the Pike come up and start chasing the lure, speed up your retrieve and you can get them to hit it so hard they come two feet out of the water. Not big Pike, low doubles but great fun on lures that cost a fraction of the cost of major brand names.