Dead Bait Ball - 14oz

Price: £11.99

The Dead Bait Ball is a Halibut lure designed to be fished with a dead bait be it a small Coal Fish or Mackerel. It consists of a 10oz, 12oz or 14oz Lumi coated (with Anti Chip Coating) ball lead with two lead loops which has a very short trace attached to it with two 4/0 trebles or a 6/0 live bait hook and a 4/0 treble.

The benefit of this rig is that when a Halibut attacks your bait you will feel it instantly as opposed to when you use an Anti Twist rig or a normal boom and running rig when a Halibut can come up and attack your bait and because of the flowing trace do so undetected where as with the Dead Bait Ball, when it attacks the bait you will feel it immediately. 

These rigs are very popular in Europe and account for a lot of Halibut every year. Not always successful as it is dependent on how the Halibut are feeding but this rig is very worth while and something you should have in your kit if you are going to Norway to catch a Halibut specifically.


THe bait ball is fitted with 5X Mustad Trebles, Eagle Claw live bait hooks which are 6X, 695lb stainless steel swivel and 300lb b.s. stainless steel split rings and quality 150lb clear mono.

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